Dodge Ram Kit

Dodge Ram Trucks 5.7l Procharger P 1sc Supercharger 1 Ho With Intercooler Kit

Dodge Ram Trucks 5.7l Procharger P 1sc Supercharger 1 Ho With Intercooler Kit

Dodge Ram Trucks 5.7l Procharger P 1sc Supercharger 1 Ho With Intercooler Kit    Dodge Ram Trucks 5.7l Procharger P 1sc Supercharger 1 Ho With Intercooler Kit

Dodge ram truck 5.7l ProCharger 1sc 1 p ho supercharger with intercooler kit. This product sheet is originally written in English.

Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. Click on the \System boost ProCharger ati. Indeed, ProCharger offers the turbocharger boost system only for the rams hemi.

While others may have gone this route, ProCharger continues to bring you the offer widest in the industry. Largest power gains and most reliable in the industry. ATI / ProCharger part # 1dc214-sci. There are many different options available to ProCharger, please see the details section below for details on the kit. For other ATI ProCharger kits available options such as upgrading the head units or polished head. Wholesale contact available, distribution, and we can create a special announcement for you! What to expect from this product. These compressor kits are the most comprehensive available, including everything needed for installation. This includes all the mounting brackets for the fan, pulleys, belts, intercooler, all tubing, piping, fittings and clamps and even for self contained oil lubrication. You do not need to make major changes or buy special tools or other parties. Many customers install in their garage or driveway during a weekend. The ho system comes standard with an air exchanger / efficient air 3 high mounting drivers and the best upgrade options in the industry.

ProCharger Tuner Kit is the solution, offering higher levels of torque and power are available for modified engines. Power gain: 45-50% p-1sc main unit-1 compressor 6 lb / in2 3 highly efficient basic ride high an air / air exchanger workout belt system ribs 7 stock fuel pump provided: not required injectors provided: 39.5 lb / hr computer / ignition mods. Programmer provided the air temperature coolest fees and largest power gains available ProCharger patented and proven, self-contained design bunkering requires no external lines dhuile easier and faster installation the system is 100% complete with the look and quality DOEM 50 legal states! Carb eo d-365-7 treperformance is a dealer authorized dati prochargers priority.

Custom built and delivered directly to ProCharger in 3 to 5 working days! Ati / dealer ProCharger ProCharger is very strict about who they allow such dealers. ProCharger dealers must have experience with high performance forced linduction applications and provide excellent customer service and advice of application. More online only correspondence or companies are unable to qualify as resellers, but we encourage you to stop by our store to discuss your application or visit our compressor kits. Why ATI / ProCharger blower?

ProCharger supercharger systems are absolutely the most powerful compressor systems and best available for your vehicle. ProCharger intercooler systems can reliably daugmenter horses and torque of 50 to 85% while keeping your legal vehicle emissions and allows you to run on pump gas. Use of the street or on the track, ProCharger intercooled supercharger systems deliver the highest increase in power and torque available nimporte what supercharging system. And with the air temperature extremely low load provided by the ProCharger technology ProCharger systems also provide for much better engine longevity by protecting your engine detonation. ProCharger systems are designed with a fundamental understanding of the physics behind overeating and are designed to the highest quality standards. Designed, built and supported in the usa. Superior turbocharging technology through relentless innovation, technology ProCharger is generations ahead of the competition. Autonomous (numbers ending in sc) ProCharger dati models are the first and only self-lubricating gear centrifugal blowers feature and contain the most advanced technology in the industry. Exclusive blowers, patented, self, remove pinion tap into your dhuile housing run cooler and produce more energy than competing products. The turbines are created with aircraft grade 7075 T-6 aluminum alloy for strength and great performance. This in turn enables increased levels of reinforcement and superior overall performance than other market offerings. Because of this unwavering commitment to excellence, the ProCharger is the only stand-alone compressor manufacturer offering a 3 year warranty to ensure years of trouble free performance.

We ATI / ProCharger compressor systems to fit almost any performance applications! In articles in stock-boat not later than the second business day after receipt of payment.

If there are problems sacquitter your order we contact you and offer a full refund if there will be more than 5 days prior to dispatch. We observe all holidays; please contact us before denchérir if you do not know when your item will be available. Domestic delivery options (please note that day is a day after The article included): ground--ups 1-7 days. Ups guaranteed next day - Control 12:00 Pacific Time dexpédier the same day for next day delivery guaranteed!

Beware of the buyer - no follow through this service. International information: we will send some dune any sales to nimporte auction where in the world! All customs fees are paid by the receiver. Sil please search your customs fee with your local government before ordering so you know what to expect to pay after the arrival of lexpédition. We do not lower the invoice value, since this is a violation of US and international laws Custom.

All international shipments are delivered with the correct value for the shipped items. Debay new comments and detailed assessments (rqv). Sil please be patient and give negative feedback or less than 5 stars detailed assessments without speaking first. Let us work to solve your problem, then everyone is happy. Payments by credit card can be made by calling directly, use the link \Treperformance 1725 monrovia ave. Following d7 Costa Mesa, CA 92627. We must also charge fees on any order is canceled after payment has been received, even if the order has not been shipped restocking 20%. If it is not clearly written on several sides of the box, it can be returned to sender. All returns must be received within 30 days of purchase. Acceptance of Terms: Your bid is a contract! By clicking rade act of 2000. The buyer also guarantees so that it has any legal authority applicable to the purchase of this equipment, and he / she will not use, sell or otherwise distribute this in any way in violation of federal laws and dapplicable of the state. The buyer also accepts vacates before treperformance and harmless for liability for all claims resulting from the use of the buyer, sale or other distribution activities that point. No refunds will be given unless the buyer receives prior written under authority of any repairs and treperformance nest supplied or manpower costs covered by treperformance in any situation. The seller reserves the right not to sell to bidders with excessive negative feedback or \Mailing Address, Shipping & showcase. Complete high output system 1500. The item \\ parts \ turbo parts, superchargers \ superchargers. \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.
  1. mark of the play: ATI / ProCharger <\/ li>
  2. Country of Manufacture: United States <\/ li>
  3. Features: all the high output system 1500 <\/ li>
  4. brand: ProCharger <\/ li>
  5. bracket type: Performance / Custom <\/ li>
  6. :: type of compressor kit <\/ li>
  7. Manufacturer warranty: Yes <\/ li>
  8. location on the vehicle before <\/ li>
  9. Part Number Manufacturer: 1dc214-sci <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Dodge Ram Trucks 5.7l Procharger P 1sc Supercharger 1 Ho With Intercooler Kit    Dodge Ram Trucks 5.7l Procharger P 1sc Supercharger 1 Ho With Intercooler Kit